Compared with patients with osteoarthritis (OA) with no low back pain, patients with knee OA with low back pain can also be at better possibility for recurrent falls, according to examine consequences published in Arthritis Care & Research.
The examine covered documents of patients with knee OA (Kellgren and Lawrence [K&L] grade ≥1) who achieved questionnaires for low back pain and falls happening in the old 12 months. Researchers performed binary and ordinal logistic regression to assess the courting among low back pain or moderate to excessive low back pain (numeric rating scale score, ≥4 points) and any fall (≥1 fall) or recurrent falls (≥2 falls) after adjusting for age, sex, K&L grade, knee pain severity, and quadriceps strength. They also conducted sensitivity analyses, excluding archives of patients with sciatica, nonchronic low back pain, K&L grade 1, and those receiving pain medications.
Of the 189 patients (aged 61-90 years; 78.3% women), 101 (53.4%) had low back pain and 41 (21.6%) stated experiencing falls in the past 12 months. Among patients who had low back pain, 45 patients (44.6%) had slight-to-excessive low back pain, and 94 had chronic (>3 months) low back pain.
Compared with patients without low back pain, patients with slight to excessive low back pain had a considerably better occurrence of falls (chi-square test, P =.007).

Patients with any low back pain (n=101) and with mild to intense low back pain (n = 45) had 2.7 (P =.004) and 3.7 (P =.007) times better odds of experiencing recurrent falls, respectively.
There become a robust correlation among mild to extreme low back pain and the occurrence of recurrent falls in a sensitivity analysis.
Limitations covered the examine’s cross-sectional design, a lack of tips on pain in other joints, and possible don’t forget bias.
“It is necessary to determine the causality and make certain the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions for [low back pain] for the prevention of falls in individuals with knee OA,” the researchers noted.
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Iijima H, Shimoura K, Aoyama T, Takahashi M.

Low back pain as a risk factor for recurrent falls in americans with knee osteoarthritis [published online January 7, 2020].

Arthritis Care Res. doi:10.1002/acr.24136
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