Some promising research is being done to aid treat dogs
agony from arthritis.
It’s centered around using stem cells and is being announced by a San Diego company.
Tuba become rescued by his now superb homeowners and they agree with him to be about 10 years old.
He suffers from a few extreme arthritis that makes it hard to
walk at times.
He qualified for this clinical trial and his owners say they’re seeing a world of difference in his mobility.
 “He’s 90 pounds notwithstanding he’s very low to the ground, so he’s now not in the addiction of jumping up on anything. So that’s while we knew for bound that it was in reality, basically making a large difference,” explained Christine Castiglioni, Tuba’s owner.
The goal is to treat dogs affliction from arthritis with less pain medications, and in turn deliver them a larger exceptional of life.
San Diego-based Animal Cell Therapies is behind the effort. The remedy being performed at the East County Large & Small Animal Practice in El Cajon.
The qualified dogs come in, get a little sedation, a joint
injection with the stem cells and then a few observe up appointments to visit if
it’s all working.
So far, veterinarians are encouraged by what they’re seeing.
“If we can use the stem cells to get the anti-inflammatory effect, you get pain relief and then you can get a an awful lot more comfy animal say, that may want a joint replacement, however you can’t feasibly do a joint replacement or there is no other option,” observed Dr. Daniel Oman, owner of East County Large & Small Animal Practice.
It takes approximately a week to see if any improvement is being
The stem cells are gathered from umbilical cords while puppies are brought through c-sections, tissue that might continually be thrown out.
The next step is for San Diego-based Animal Cell Therapies
to get this FDA approved.
Interested dog owners can pass to this website for more details — — and for an initial screening questionnaire to investigate if their puppy may just probably qualify.